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3rd Time Dog Festival of Holland


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Save the date for dog festival of holland, 3rd edition - Free BBQ,drinks,music & unlimited fun.

About Us

Who we are

We are a group of animal and nature loving people living in the Netherlands with close ties to Turkey.  Since 2015 Dihoo V.O.F team have been helping Seferihisar Animal Shelter, well trusted organisation in Izmir by not only donating time and money but also by becoming active members on its board.  In the place we realised what the doggies needed was ’rehabilitation’, more than anything else; before they go to new families from the shelter or from the streets. And the way around those owners who is not keen to solve the problem because their dog is misbehaving and they don’t have time to train him instead of leaving him to the shelter. In this place, as volunteers, we trained many dogs who had psychological behaviour problems and due to that they lost their house and were left at the shelter.  After their rehabilitation with Seferihisar Animal Shelter Cooperation was officially complete, we found them permanent homes with a contract and support in case any problem with the dog was detected.  This worked very well. On the news in Turkey they commented on the positivity of Seferihisar’s shelter, and about its five star comfort hotel for stray dogs. We greatly appreciate being part of it. We trained a lot of volunteers, shelter workers about dog care, walking’s & exercise and positive conditioning to avoid the dog is coming back to shelter after the adoption. Now we believe we have come to the point to spread our message throughout Europe by setting up an organisation in the Netherlands in order to make adoption of strays easier. Therefore, in the beginning of 2016 we have started a Netherlands based organisation, Helping Stray Animals in Turkey.  We are working together with international well trusted organizations such as  Seferihisar Government Animal Shelter, in Turkey, in Switzerland and Germany  

Our Mission

  • To organise seminars in the Netherlands and Turkey such as, social meetings for dogs and owners, puppy training courses, dog adoption, seminars and courses for dog walkers' training, seminars about pet care and feeding. 
  • To find loving homes for abandoned pets from Turkey in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany and other European countries by providing the legal and sanitary needs to enter them into the countries all the way to delivering of the pet and following through with their new families.
  • To provide financial support in order to curb population on the streets of Turkey by regular neutering and spaying. 
  • To provide other organisations support in food supply and veterinary care.    

We have been for years in Amsterdam and Turkey organised o lot of gatherings, meetings, dog walker courses, dog parties and festivals. Now it is official! 

Dog Adoption

Looking for a home

To Europe or the United States from Turkey. You can own a cat or dog. 

To this you need to contact us or another organisation like us and start the pet’s international paper work. The general procedure is that the pet looking for a home should not be younger than 4 months. Any pet (cat or dog) over 3 months old need to have their rabies and other vaccinations completed and then placed in a foster home. Our organization works on finding homes for a limited number of cats and dogs. Also some animal pensions take care of these pets for a small fee. We follow through during the set period of time, around 3-4 months, during this time we also take care of blood tests, micro chipping and documentations. 

You, as the adoptee, pay only the fees to the veterinarian (around 350 €) . Once the time limit is completed then you will be able to..

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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